Monday, 30 January 2012

New Campaigning Season

The temperature in the garage is now creeping up above freezing so it’s time to take stock in preparation for the new campaigning season:

Terrain Tiles:
Curved Road x 4
Straight Road x 1
X-Road x 2
T Junction x 3
Plain x 1
Curved River x 1
Straight River Crossed by Road x 3
Curved Creek x 2
Straight Creek Crossed by Road x 2

Army of Northern Virginia:
Infantry Brigades x 24
Cavalry Brigades x 4
Rifled Artillery x 3
12pdr Artillery x 6
Horse Artillery x 1

Army of The Potomac
Infantry Brigades x 27
Cavalry Brigades x 5
Rifled Artillery x 3
12pdr Artillery x 9
Horse Artillery x 1

For the next game I hope to have the table extended to 8’ x 4’.