Monday, 27 February 2012

Crane's Station - Objectives & Rules

McClellan's Army of the Potomac is trying to fight its way south to the James River – to escape from the Peninsula. General Lee with his fledgling Army of Northern Virginia is attempting to cut off this escape route. The DM level for both armies is 6.
Union infantry control of The Sawmill, the Sawyer House or Beckettville will increase the Union DM level by one point per location for as long as they are held.

Allocate a numbered entry point on the northern map edge to Cooke's Cavalry and to each infantry Corps – forces may enter behind each other on the same road if required. Initial orders for infantry Corps are simply to march south with all haste by road. This may create traffic jams but this is intentional to simulate the chaos of the real flight. Order of march as per order of battle - all units arrive in March Mode. McClellan's Army HQ will enter just behind V Corps.

Cooke's Cavalry Division is in Recon Mode but must also have orders that he attempts to follow as the situation permits. He begins the game on the table deployed in road column, starting from his chosen entry point.

The enemy may have manoeuvred to block your path, screened by Stuart's cavalry. They are likely to consist of Longstreet's and A.P.Hill's commands, plus Magruder's small Corps from the Richmond defences.

Ammunition rule is not in use, but each Union Corps is encumbered with wagons for more historical chaos.

Game starts 7:00am -  ends in a draw if there is no winner by 8:00pm.

Crane's Station - Union OOB

Army of the Potomac ~  General McClellan (C)
20 infantry brigades – 164 SPs – 8 batteries - DM level = 6 
Cavalry ~ Cooke (C)
Emory                   7
Blake                    7
Stoneman             7
ART Horse           7

V Corps ~ Porter  (C)

1st Division Morell    (C)
Martindale            8  
Griffin                   8  
Butterfield            9     
ART bty                8
2nd Division Sykes    (B)
Buchanan            8     
Chapman             8    
Warren                 7
ART bty                8
3rd Division McCall   (C)
Reynolds              9
Meade                  8
Seymour               7
ART  Rifled          9
ART  Rifled          9

IV Corps ~ Keyes   (C)

1st Division Couch   (B)
Howe                    9 
Abercrombie         8  
Palmer                  8
ART bty                8
2nd Division Peck      (C)
Naglee                  9
Wessells               9   

II Corps ~ Sumner   (C)

1st Division Richardson (C)
Caldwell               8
Meagher               8
French                  9
ART bty                8
2nd Division Sedgwick    (B)
Sully                     8
Burns                   8
Dana                    8
ART bty                8

Battle of Crane's Station - Map

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