Sunday, 30 December 2012

Gettysburg Day Two - Scenario

We are planning this 6mm refight with historical OOB’s, timescale and deployments, and it promises to be a very different affair to the two day slugging match of Chancellorsville, our last game ! The scenario will be balanced on a knife edge, and the outcome will probably by determined by what happens in the first  3 or 4 turns. If the Confederates get the upper hand quickly then Sickles' Corps may collapse like a pack of cards – but if even a couple of his brigades can offer serious resistance then the flow of Union reinforcements should turn the tide in their favour.

Ian has 21 brigades available from three different corps ( most starting off table), and I have only 13. To create game balance Union brigades are 7 strength points against 9 strength points for the Confederates, who also begin the game  with strong skirmish lines (skirmishers usually have to be ‘bought’ with strength points in our rules). All the famous geographical locations are VP sites that affect Union army demoralisation while held by the Confederates.

Anderson’s division on Seminary Ridge will be fixed in position for a random amount of time to simulate Anderson’s late involvement in the days events. Opposite him on Cemetery Ridge Gibbon’s Union division will be similarly fixed until attacked. Union reinforcements will arrive at the numbered entry points.

Click on map to enlarge.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Gettysburg Day Two - Map

This is the plan of the table layout for our next American Civil War game. The game will be based on the second day at Gettysburg and will feature Longstreet's attack on the Round Tops. Dave will play Longstreet and I'll be playing the various Union defenders, should be a good one!

Click on the image for a closer look.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

20mm Napoleonic Game (turns 3-5)

We played our second and final session of the game this week. This is how it went:

The Swedes ascend the ridge only to be greeted by musket fire from the Austrian Gabriel Spleny regiment.

French voltigeurs press forward and slowly take a toll on the Austrian gunners.

In the centre of the field the French light cavalry are pursued by the Union brigade...

...and go crashing back through the 9th Polish regiment who promptly take to their heels - it's their first battle too!

The Swedes try to charge home but fail their morale checks and stop short of the Austrian line.

The French have a little more luck on the opposite flank where some brisk musketry thins the ranks of the advancing Russian and Nassau grenadiers.

Lord Hill leads the Guards forward to complete Wellingtons victory as the Swedes turn and run towards the rear.

At the end of turn five the game was declared a victory for the Allies as three of the French units had routed and no victory locations had changed hands. Perhaps not the best game we’ve played this year but as a rule play-test it was invaluable.

Our next game will be another 6mm American Civil War battle.