Sunday, 4 March 2012

Crane's Station - The Battlefield

Here is the table layout for the soon to be fought Battle of Crane's Station, a hypothetical battle set during the Peninsula campaign of 1862. The Union forces led by George McClellan (the "Young Napoleon") are moving south to a new base of operations on the James River. The Rebels under Bobby Lee are attempting to stop them. It should be noted that this scenario has been devised by the Confederates which is why there is a suggestion in the previous post that McClellan's army is trying "to escape from the Peninsula". This is untrue, the Army of The Potomac is merely engaged in a routine change of base...

A birds-eye view of the battlefield (to see the map click here

The view from Beckettville (looking northwest) 

The Carter House (looking southwest) 

The Church on Westpoint Turnpike 

The view from The Sawmill looking north 

A train gets up steam ready to head north from Crane's Station

The battlefield is ready, all we need now are troops and the generals!


  1. It looks marvellous - looking forward to the battle report. McLellan will no doubt be demanding that Mr Lincoln send him major reinforcements if he is going to do something as hazardous as a routine change of base?

    1. Tony, I am getting some sense that your sympathies may be with the Rebels - McClellan was a great general who just had a lot of bad luck not helped by those idiotic politicians in Washington!

      The battle has just begun, first report will be posted soon.