Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Battle of Crane’s Station - Conclusion

Keyes finally received orders to advance and ENGAGE the enemy line at Beckettville whilst at the same time Sumner was told to flank the left of Longstreet’s position there and ASSAULT.

 The blue and the grey battle-lines finally engage at Beckettsville.

A hot firefight ensued and Longstreet himself was added to the casualty list, carried from the field with a mortal wound as he tried to steady the Rebel line.

 Longstreet goes down (see the red marker by the corps stand!).

Meanwhile McClellan had ordered Porter to abandon his position at the Quaker Farm and form a new one at the church on the Westpoint Turnpike. However, as the Union troops started to withdraw they became mixed up with Cooke’s cavalry moving east on the turnpike resulting in another traffic jam.
 It's all over for the boys in blue!

Magruder and Hill continued to press hard on Porter’s shrinking line and then suddenly it was all over. At the end of turn 17 (3.00pm) the Union army had 6 brigades simultaneously broken and the Confederates had therefore achieved their victory condition.

Lee had won a convincing victory but lost one of his best generals in the process. McClellan decided he was happy with his old base and didn’t really want to change it after all. The Army of the Potomac disengaged and moved away to the north…

The situation at the end of the game (click on the image for a closer look).


  1. This is great stuff - enjoyable read and it looks terrific.

  2. Tony - thanks for that, the game was fun but it would be nice to win one!


    1. That's one big advantage of solo gaming - I sometimes get to win...

  3. A nice looking game set up. I can see the temptation of the teeny tiny scales.

  4. Great game Ian, really enjoyed following it. The figures and terrain look good, you get a realistic impression of Civil War battle on that big table. The overhead shots are great, I found myself zooming in and roaming across the terrain!


    1. Hi Lee - glad you enjoyed the game, it was good fun! We are currently in the process of some rule tweaking on the command & control system then plan to have a 'big' game using everything we have - watch this space...