Sunday, 7 October 2012

AWI play test (part 3)

We finished the play test this week, although once again we only managed to play a single three-phase turn. This was mainly because we spent a fair bit of time discussing and agreeing various rule amendments, which was after all the point of the exercise.

The British artillery did some deadly execution with their 6 pdrs.

If you remember, my left flank was coming under pressure from Dave’s Hessian’s who soon forced back my French and Militia units. The French only had one morale point at the start of the game and the sight of the advancing Musketeer Regiment Prinz Carl precipitated an undignified retreat. The Massachusetts Militia on the other hand at least managed to exchange a volley with the Hessian Grenadiers before withdrawing.

The Musketeer Regiment Prinz Carl did well on their first ever outing.

In the middle of the field and on my right flank things were a bit more interesting and we ended up fighting two separate melees. Seeing that the Kings Royal Regiment of New York was flanking them, my 1st Philadelphia Associators chose to advance towards the British Grenadiers to their front. This proved to be a mistake as a series of poor morale throws (and the loss of their Major) prevented them from making a charge move. The loyalists then charged home and the outcome of the resulting melee was never in any doubt.

Some talk of Alexander, and some of Hercules
Of Hector and Lysander, and such great names as these...

But of all the worlds great heroes, there's none that can compare
With a tow, row, row, row, row, row, to the British Grenadiers!

The Philadelphia Associators are well and truly flanked.

 The American artillery is armed with less effective 3 pdrs.

Meanwhile my Carolina Regiment was ordered to fix bayonets and charge the 23rd Foot, a bold move I thought and one that I felt the British didn’t take very seriously as a threat. Although outnumbered, they actually won the first phase of melee mainly because Dave had not ordered his men to fix bayonets. However, the second phase saw the British take the upper hand and had we played on I’m sure the Carolina boys would have soon broken.

The Carolina boys go in with the bayonet!

The Delaware Regiment take advantage of a rail fence to rest their weapons but don't get a chance to fire with the +1 bonus this gives.

And that’s where the fighting ended, a convincing win for King George and his lackeys with three of my six infantry units in full retreat. As a play test it was very valuable and we think that the amended set of rules is now ready for use in a proper scenario.


  1. The British won-why on earth would the rules need changing?!? I am now off to do some tow-row-rowing!

    1. Good luck with that, it would be fun to see tow-row-rowing included in the next Olympics...