Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Battle of Cutler’s Farm

Following Lee’s move towards the Union left flank we now have another battle about to begin in the area of Cutler’s Farm. So, although our campaign map is made up of 96 squares, we have somehow contrived to bring on the next battle very close to the site of the last one!

 The battlefield - click the image to zoom in.

 Sharpeville - looks familiar eh? 
 The Barnes farm - poor old farmer Barnes must have thought the worst was over!
Cutler's Farm - looking northwest.

 View from the Horner farm looking due west across the battlefield.

The action starts at 8.00am on 2 August 1862 with a contact between Porter and Longstreet just to the north of the Barnes Farm. Unusually in this one the North will be coming in from the South and the South from the North. A victory here would give the Union enough VP’s to win the Campaign so the stakes couldn’t be higher.

For the story of how we got to this point take a look at our individual Campaign diaries Wilderness Tavern and Road to Appomattox.


  1. Wonderful looking battlefield!!

    1. Yes it all looks very peaceful - for now!

  2. Totally agree with Phil! It looks beautiful.

    1. Those low angle photos do make the terrain look good - it never looks quite like that when viewed from above during play!