Sunday, 18 August 2013

Randolph's Ferry Scenario

Having collated all the rule changes that resulted from our last 6mm ACW campaign we have now come up with a fictitious western theatre scenario to generate a big tabletop battle to test them all. The OOB's will be loosely based on the battle of Murfreesboro . . .

The Army of the Cumberland under General Rosecrans is making an amphibious landing at Randolph’s Ferry near Danville, Tennessee. For most of the day it will be disembarking from transports on the Cumberland River and organising it’s base of operations in preparation to capture the town of Franklin, about 5 miles to the south west.

General Kennet’s Federal cavalry has already arrived by road to provide intelligence for Rosecrans about the movements of the enemy. The Confederate Army of Tennessee under General Bragg is known to be moving to protect Franklin.

  • Turn 1 is 9:00 am. The Confederates will start to approach Franklin at 9:00 am from the southwest, but the Union disembarkation ( at numbered points on map) will not begin until 11:00 am (turn 5). In effect this gives the Confederates four turns-worth of movement before any Union forces appear.
  • The Army of the Cumberland must attempt to capture Franklin, and Rosecrans should prepare a plan and write initial orders towards this goal - but the Army of Tennessee is not restricted to a defensive posture.
  • As well as the normal battle victory rules, the Union Army can win the game outright by getting an infantry brigade (in any condition) into the town of Franklin. Union Army Demoralisation level (DM) is 6, Confederate is 7.
  • The Army of the Cumberland has no ‘D’ grade commanders in this scenario, but Palmer’s Division of Crittenden’s Corps is rated GREEN. One Confederate Divison will be rated VETERAN. Two Union ironclad gunboats will arrive after the disembarkation is over to protect the Union base.

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Battlefield - looking east to west

Franklin, Tennessee : strategic goal of the
Army of the Cumberland

Above, clockwise : 1) Union base of operations at Danville on the Cumberland River. 2) Looking southwest from the river towards the Conrad House.  3) View from Hendrick's Farm towards Mt. Zion Church. 4) Leggetts's Mill on Stone Creek.


  1. Another great looking battlefield, look forward to following the game.

  2. Thanks Lee - we're looking forward to it as well!