Sunday, 24 November 2013

Operation Newmarket

And now for something completely different – a change of scale and period to 1/200th WWII. The next game will be set ‘somewhere in Normandy 1944’ and will feature a British battle-group, supported by an airborne element, trying to capture the fictional town of Saint-Arnault and or course a vital river bridge!

A few years back I started collecting late war figures and armour from the excellent Wargames South range with the idea of playing some solo WWII games. The scale of these figures is such that they are detailed enough to be recognised individually but are still small enough to allow a large playing area to be represented on a wargame table. I also wrote my own set of rules for playing these games called ‘COMBAT!’ which we will be using to fight the game.

Operation Newmarket - area of operations (click on the image to zoom in)

In the forthcoming game I will play the defending Germans and Dave will play the British whose ground units will enter from the north side of the table with the airborne troops free to land wherever he can find a suitable space!

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