Sunday, 20 May 2012


The first new additions to the armies for over fifteen years - an artillery caisson and artillery command stand for each side.

 The new Rebel & Yankee artillery caissons and command stands

We are introducing a new rule creating an artillery reserve for each army and will be testing it for the first time in the Chancellorsville game.

Rule 4 – Artillery Reserve
a] Only these order modes apply: MARCH = move to location and await further orders. ENGAGE = move to location, deploy and bombard target. RETIRE = Limber up and retreat to location. (ATTACH) = MARCH to the HQ of a specific Union Corps / Rebel Division and then operate under the orders and mode of that unit until further orders. When attached, the Reserve may disperse its batteries throughout the corps or operate as a grand battery.
b] If the Artillery Reserve Commander receives an order he functions like an Infantry Corps commander. If he fails his command test then the order execution is delayed one turn. When the order is executed, a half move penalty is incurred by any batteries 12" from Reserve HQ.
c] Grand Battery rule – a minimum of 3 positive-strength rifled guns deployed together under the command of the Artillery General, form a grand battery. Units losing casualties from grand battery fire must test morale (the grand battery may not split its fire).

Each caisson will designate a wagon park and wagons will move the ammo forward to the firing line.

Rule 6 - Ammunition
a) Ammunition rules apply to batteries only. They hold a maximum of 6 Aps and expend one AP per turn of firing. A battery with no ammunition may not fire.
b) The Artillery Commander must designate a wagon park, choosing any physical location he currently occupies. All wagons must deploy initially to the wagon park and this location is fixed for the rest of the battle. 
c) At any time wagons may leave the wagon park with enough ammo to re-supply ONE battery, and when empty they return to be refilled. Every turn that a player wants to despatch any full wagons from the wagon park, the Artillery Commander must first pass a command test.
d) Wagons move during the courier movement phase – they must move by road where possible. Wagons are eliminated if they come into contact with any unbroken enemy unit. Artillery may fire on wagons – 5,6 to hit. – the wagon is eliminated. 

Finally, I just had to show a picture of this signal tower that a built nearly 20 years ago. The logs are made from pins and the planking is tiny strips of plasticard. I don't think it will be of much use in the dense woodland of the Wilderness but I though it looks good all the same.

All the figures we use are Heroics & Ros 1/300th scale and are still available today - click here.


  1. Great stuff Ian. The signal tower is a lovely model too. Is that snake fencing by Irregular Mins? It looks really good along those roads.

    Lots of planning going into this game clearly.


  2. Hi Lee, yes the fences are by Irregular and I think they may have made the metal trees as well (although some may be Heroics & Ros). It's been quite fun going through the boxes of scenery because until last year we hadn't played a game for a very long time and I'd forgotten about a lot of the stuff we have. There are loads of those fences (all painted by Dave) plus some really nice metal buildings from a long defunct maker. Also some river boats, a pontoon bridge and a railway locomotive and track!

    We hope to start playing on Wednesday.

  3. I'd forgotten about that rail track Ian, I must have painted yards of it! It looked really good on the table as I recall now. I never had the loco etc but could imagine some fun scenarios using that carrying supplies/troops etc.

    When I moved onto 10mm ACW using Chariot mins (did you ever see those? very fine little castings they were), I was stumped for what to use for snake fences and eventually decided upon dry spaghetti as being the only thing I could find to scale :-) I glued it with PVA and once dry and painted it looked very convincing, if a little brittle! Ah nostalgia.

    All the best,

  4. That tower is seriously good, especially in this scale!