Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Scenario (2)

Here is the final scenario brief for the Chancellorsville game. To make sense of the information you will need to view the map here. Click on the images below to read the text (click again to zoom in).

This is going to be an interesting game. We hope to start playing next week.


  1. Looks very well thought through Ian, should be a great game. Got a very realistic 'feel' to the planning and setup.

    Re the excellent map Ian, excuse my ignorance but what do you use to produce such things? I'd like to be able to do something like that for my own game scenarios soon


    1. Hi Lee - I use a cheap, cheerful imitation of the prohibitively expensive graphic program 'Photoshop'. It is called 'Photoplus' (free with a computer magazine in about 2004!) and is no doubt long defunct. You can build an image in layers, add text and other images (the 'tree'I found online).

      With a lot of patience you might get a roughly similar effect with the Windows 'Paint' program, although that doesn't allow layers or re-positioning things like text.


  2. Hi Lee, I can't claim any credit for either the scenario or the map as they are both the work of "Dry Stonewall" (aka my brother Dave). I'd like to make maps like that as well so I'll ask him how it's done!


  3. Hello Dave, thanks for that. I have an old copy of 'Paint Shop Pro' here somewhere, might have a go with that if I can remember how to use it! Great scenario.

    All the best,