Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Battle of Chancellorsville – Turns 19-21

Only three turns in this session but an awful lot of drama !  Click on images to enlarge . . .

XI Corps are uneasy - it's too quiet !
Jackson looms up out of the west
A.P.Hill's Division in front - Rodes behind
Krzyzanowski's Brigade realises it is in big trouble !

Having manoeuvred off-table since late afternoon on the previous day, General Jackson's command  finally appears at Wilderness Church on the extreme western flank of the Union position at 9:30 am on May 2nd. The rules gave me several options but I chose the historical deployment astride the Orange Turnpike ( entry point 2 on the map ) There is no possibility of Jackson receiving any fresh orders from Lee so he has come on in full Corps 'assault' mode – all or nothing !

Completing the authenticity, Ian had also chosen to deploy Howard's infamous XI corps in reserve at Dowdall's Tavern. The rules allowed him to speculatively ( and nervously ) face one brigade due west, although I notice he has sneaked a gun battery into that position too !  I don't think it will make any difference to the outcome. . . . . 

General Couch looks on in horror as his men are swept away !
Perry's Brigade drives the Yankees
Wilcox breaks through

Back at the main engagement . . .  General Anderson heroically accompanies Perry's brigade over the Union fieldworks, driving and breaking Zook's brigade – which rallies . . . then breaks again ! But Perry is isolated and despite Anderson's bonus to the morale die roll the brigade breaks at reduced strength and is permanently removed from play. But the Rebel assault continues and it is now Wilcox's turn to storm across the Union works and drive back a second Federal brigade.

A courier searches for Lee with bad news from McLaws
Whipple's Division deploys with 'assault' orders
McLaws tries to rally his men - the right flank is shattered

To relieve the increasing pressure he was under, General Couch took Whipple's Division (attached to his command from III Corps ) and flung it at the Confederate line north of the McGee house with spectacular success. The Rebs crumbled – half of McLaws Division broke and fled back towards the Duersons Mill Road.

Fully laden wagons prepare to move out
A Union grand battery at last

The Union wagon park is finally established with ammuntion re-supply up and running. On the high ground south of the Maury House, a grand battery has been set up by Ian's only 'A' grade General, artillery commander Henry Hunt.  It is shelling Early's position to the east – the sole  activity at the moment on that section of the line.

Stuart is forced to turn and confront Pleasonton again
The Rebs dismount - their horse battery has retired, out of ammo

Pleasonton anticipates Stuart's movements and intercepts him at Catherine Furnace for round two of their encounter. But he loses the mounted melee and as Stuart's men dismount and draw their carbines, the Union troopers are forced back into the woods.


  1. Once again a fantastic write up with great pictures. It's good that you have both remained faithful to the spirit of the battle so far. A superb reconstruction that has had me awaiting each update with great anticipation. Would it be possible at some future stage to see the rules? They certainly capture the 'ebb and flow' or Civil War battle well.


    1. Hi Lee - I don't think either of us deliberately set out to follow historical events so closely, certainly Hooker did not! Rather bizarrely I have been genuinely caught by surprise by Jackson's appearance in my rear, believing that Dave would have brought him on in a different location. XI corps does look very exposed as a result! Glad you're enjoying the game - I will email you a copy of the rules.


  2. One of the best battle reports I've read. Not to much detail and lots of action and emotion. I have to agree the photo's look great you have a nice set up there.
    What range of figures are you using?
    Would it be possible to also get a copy of the rules used?
    Cheers. Neil.

    1. Hi Neil, glad you're enjoying the posts and photos. The figures are all Heroics & Ros 1/300th scale models. I'll be happy to send you a copy of the rules - click on my profile (Stryker) and follow the email link.