Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hooker's View - Turn 5

At the end of Turn 5 we have a rather unusual situation developing as the battle is about to be fought across the narrow side of the table (4 foot) rather than along its length (8 foot). This could be quite a disadvantage for Hooker as it will be difficult to make the most of his superior numbers.

 General view of the table at the end of Turn 5 (click the image to expand it)

The Rebs on the other hand have their own problem - when and where to commit Jackson? Too soon and the element of surprise is lost, too late and Lee's divided army risks defeat.

Pleasonton's boys "redeploying" (that red marker will go yellow next turn as they are no longer in an enemy zone of control)

General Pleasonton strongly denies any suggestion that the Union cavalry have been whipped. He is currently "redeploying" one of his brigades slightly to the rear.

Hooker is now heading for Chancellorsville to take personal charge of the battle

Fighting Joe has at last put in an appearance on the table. Any suggestions on a suitable strategy for the Union side will be gratefully received at his HQ.


  1. Here's a strategy : I think Hooker should clear out his desk and stick 'property of George Meade' labels on anything important - it will save time on Lincoln's next visit.

  2. Hooker could always get roaring drunk and find some female company-if the legend is true? Otherwise commit everything despite the lack of space and hope some hapless rebel sentry does for Jackson!

  3. Glad Pleasonton is still in good shape, with Stuart wandering around in the rear like that. Looking good, Union lines look solid, next few moves will prove interesting. I suspect even now Jackson is sucking on a lemon awaiting his opportunity!

    Great stuff,

  4. Thanks for the comments chaps (with the possible exception of Dry Stonewall!). We're playing another session tonight and will post more or the battle as it unfolds.