Saturday, 14 June 2014

On the skirmish line

Just to prove that Dave's not the only one busy sprucing up the armies at the moment here's a shot of the lastest additions to our 15mm ACW forces.

Rebs and Yanks on the skirmish line - 15mm Old Glory figures. The fence was made by Dave from matchsticks over 30 years ago and amazingly is still in one piece!

The 15mm armies were originally created for use with the Fire & Fury rule system which doesn't allow for skirmishers (one of the reasons we're not keen on them) so during the lull in combat I have added these individually based figures. The boys are busy popping away at each other softening things up ready for the full battle to resume.


  1. Nice. Up close and personal fighting!

  2. Nice figures those Old Glory 15mm's.

    How's Dave getting on with the flocking?

  3. Rebs very close to completion. Then it's the boys in blue ....