Sunday, 22 June 2014


Our new rules require a minimum of eight troop stands per unit so I have just painted up an extra stand of Louisiana Tigers to bring them up to strength. Trying to blend in new figures with others painted over 15 years ago (and with completely different paints) was a bit problematic so no prizes for guessing where the new boys are. The figures are a mixture of Frei Korps, Essex and AB.

Major Rob Wheat’s Louisiana Tigers were a hard fighting unit originally drawn from “the sweepings of the New Orleans waterfront”. The Tigers are one of those must have units for an ACW wargame army and introduce a bit of colour into the sea of rebel grey and butternut. Painting the stripes on the trousers was a bit of a fiddle but I stopped short of adding the ‘Tigers win or die!’ motto around their stocking caps!


  1. These Tigers are really beautiful, stunning trousers!

    1. Thanks Phil - I was glad I only had to paint 3 figures as I don't think I could paint a whole unit again!

  2. Love these troops. Great job.

  3. agree with Phil, nice work on the trousers and good all round painting on the tigers.. excellent!