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Order of Battle - General Pope's Forces

Order of Battle – General Pope’s Forces
28th August 1862

General John Pope – “C” Rated Commander

Corps Cavalry:
Buford 8 SP’s

III Corps Army of The Potomac:
General Samuel P Heintzelman Commanding – “B” Rated Commander

Kearny’s Division:
General Phil Kearny “The Magnificent” Commanding – “A” Rated Commander
Robinson’s Brigade - 7 SP’s
Birney’s Brigade - 9 SP’s
Poe’s Brigade - 8 SP’s
Randolph’s Rifled Battery

Hooker’s Division:
General “Fightin’ Joe” Hooker Commanding – “B” Rated Commander
Grover’s Brigade - 8 SP’s
Taylor’s Brigade - 8 SP’s
Carr’s Brigade - 9 SP’s
McGilvery’s Battery

IX Corps Army of The Potomac:
General Jesse L Reno Commanding – “A” Rated Commander

Steven’s Division:
General Isaac Stevens Commanding – “B” Rated Commander
Christ’s Brigade - 8 SP’s
Leasure’s Brigade - 6 SP’s
Farnsworth’s Brigade - 7 SP’s
Cook’s Battery

Reno’s Division:
Brigadier-General Henry Naglee Commanding – “C” Rated Commander
Naglee’s Brigade - 9 SP’s
Ferrero’s Brigade - 9 SP’s

V Corps Army of The Potomac:
General Fitz John Porter Commanding – “C” Rated Commander

Sykes’s Divisions:
General “Tardy George” Sykes Commanding – “C” Rated Commander
Buchannan’s Brigade - 8 SP’s
Chapman’s Brigade - 7 SP’s
Warren’s Brigade - 7 SP’s
Weed’s Battery
Randol’s Rifled Battery

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