Monday, 26 September 2011

Tactical Order Modes

The Brigades of a division may only operate within the limits of that division’s current order mode as specified by the C-in-C.

MARCH: Move in column of march to specified destination and deploy into specified formation (battleline or reserve). May not enter hostile zone.

HOLD: Hold present position – troops deploying from march mode automatically enter this mode. Artillery may bombard, skirmishers may deploy.

ENGAGE: Advance and engage enemy in fire-fight only. May not assault or retire.

ASSAULT: Advance and assault the enemy without delay. Must continue to assault with all available forces until enemy is broken or retire orders are received.

RETIRE: Retire to specified position. Automatically enter hold mode when movement is complete.

RECON: Initiative mode for cavalry only – cavalry commander has complete tactical freedom within framework of his current orders.

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