Saturday, 22 October 2011

After the Battle

A few random shots of the battlefield just before the troops were put back in their boxes...

Crenshaw’s rifled battery of A P Hill’s Division – fire from this battery stopped Kearny’s routed troops from rallying in the town.

A view of Kearny’s collapsing flank from behind the advancing Confederate line – that’s Joe Hooker looking a little exposed in the middle of that field!

The view forward from the Union left flank – A P Hill’s men are visible in the distance.

Another view of the Rebel attack on Kearny – looking due north from the Wheatfield towards Avery’s Ridge.

Fitzhugh Lee’s troopers on Pitt’s hill didn’t fire a shot all day but added a bit of dash to proceedings.

More of Kearny’s Division in front of Elington – the general can be seen trying (unsuccessfully) to rally his broken command.

A ground-level view looking west towards Elington – Rebel infantry are advancing through the Wheatfield in pursuit of the Yanks…


  1. Ian - I was unaware of this blog until this morning - duly noted! - looking forward to a lot more of this (please). Excellent.

    The 6mm battles look superb. I was interested to know what ground scale you use? Over the years, I have often caught glimpses of 6mm gaming and thought that it looked the business, that *that* was what wargaming should be like. Around 1979-80 I did some gaming with Peter Gouldesbrough, who was developing his rules for Napoleonics with Minifigs 5mm "blocks" (remember them?). Peter's approach was to use the same ground scale as he had used with his 20mm rules, but to have much bigger units - in other words he moved from 20:1 figure ratio to about 5:1, but kept everything else the same size, which I thought was the wrong way to go at the time. Also, his tabletop was a very dark green - a mysterious shade which defied all attempts to illuminate it better - and his hills were dark green Plasticine, which meant that it was almost impossible to see French light infantry or British rifles - major problems losing units on the battlefield - and this was in the days when I could still see!

    Excuse the digression - my compliments on the blog and the pics.


  2. Hi Tony

    The ground scale is 1" to 100yds which makes a 6' x 4' table approximately 10 square miles! The basic unit is a Brigade composed of 4 blocks of 8 figures.

    Yes I do remember those Minifigs blocks - in fact I still have some somewhere!