Thursday, 20 October 2011

Second Half

1.00 pm to 3.00 pm

Ewell’s Division assaults Elington from the south. His Brigades press forward towards the town and the flank of Kearny’s line near the Wheatfield.

The view of Ewell’s assault from the southwest of Elington. Randolph’s unsupported battery was routed as the sea of grey & butternut troops drew closer.

Under the watchful eye of General Jackson the ‘Stonewall’ Division move down the western edge of Round Top to support Ewell.

It was touch and go for Ewell as Sykes Division arrived to temporarily stabilize the Union right. They succeeded in routing one Rebel Brigade and causing Ewell to quit the field with a grievous wound!

To the north of the town the Divisions of Steven’s, Hooker and Reno come under increasing pressure from A P Hill.

The same scene from the Confederate perspective.

More of A P Hill’s Brigades move along the crest of Avery’s Ridge. Possession of this feature was to prove crucial in the eventual Rebel victory.

Confusion reins in the centre of Elington as one after the other Kearny’s Brigades collapse and rout under the weight of Ewell’s flank attack.

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