Saturday, 8 October 2011

Half Time

The situation at 12.30 pm.

General Pope arrives on the field and takes over command from Heintzelman (Pope is a "C" rated commander which doesn't bode well for the Union).

Signs of confusion in the Union ranks - Reno's Division of IX Corps attempt to deploy on the left flank but keep failing the die roll to receive their orders and just keep on marching!

Meanwhile A P Hill's men can be seen forming up into battle-line between Cartharpen Run and Avery's Ridge - all of Hill's Brigades are "9" strength which is not so good for the Yanks.

In the centre Union sharpshooters move forward through The Wheatfield supported by Kearney's line. So far neither commander has issued any "Engage" orders so the main battle-lines remain silent.

The Confederate side of The Wheatfield.

Over on the south side of the table Pelham's Horse Artillery are in position on Pitt's Hill - these Rebel troopers have a good view of proceedings but their artillery is out of range of the enemy.

Ewell's men move forward to menace the Union right flank which looks a bit "up in the air" at the moment.

A close up of Ewell's boys (painting those Rebel flags must have been almost as much hard work as painting the Stars & Stripes!).

Randolph's Rifled Battery prepares to fend off Ewell's Division all on its own on the extreme right flank of the Union army.

General Jackson surveys the battle from his position on Round Top.

Kearny's Division - planted firmly in front of Elington and unable advance without further orders. Now General Pope is on the scene perhaps things are about to change?

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